Organisationen jeg rejser med hedder EXIS


Projekt beskrivelse fra EXIS
Living Water Children Centre is located on Kwa Ngulelo within the Arusha municipality Arusha-Moshi Road.

Living Water Children Centre was founded by the Kimaro family in 2003. Today, 45 orphans and children from less fortunate backgrounds call it home. The Centre is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) aiming to support orphans and less fortunate children in Tanzania. The aim of the Center is to:

1. provide care and guidance to the children
2. provide quality education
3. establish a home where children are safe and feel secure
4. network with other organizations to support each other in the effort
5. raise public awareness about orphaned children
6. advocate for the rights of children

There is a school called Yakini Primary School connected to the orphanage.
LWCC is situated 6km/3miles out of Arusha town. The village is in a beautiful neighborhood called Ngulelo located in the Northern part of Tanzania near Mount Meru (second highest mountain in Tanzania).

Your tasks will be, depending on your skills:

  • Assist children in the classroom and after school with their assignments
  • Entertain and run extra activities with games
  • Help them to learn their lessons,
  • Entertain and run extra activities with games
  • Help them to eat food, serve food or be with them while eating so that they can feel family environment
  • Teach health and sanitation, like help the children to wash their face and brush their teeth
  • Prepare them for schools, check their clothes
  • Health care, mini-checkups, height/weight charting & taking the children to hospitals.
  • Cleaning and repairing the children’s surroundings, clothing, shoes, etc.
  • Take part in clubs like, reading, spelling bees, drama, music and dancing.
  • Assisting with husbandry projects. We have cows, goats, and chickens
  • Visiting the HIV positive patients in the village and donate food to the families (Home Based Care)
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